5 Reasons Why Our Customers
Are Obsessed with this Korean
Hair Loss Kit 

Helen Rein, May 6th, 2023

1. Helps To Alleviate Hair Loss. Contains 3 Functional Ingredients

Containing 3 types of hair loss relief functional ingredients

11 kinds of plant extract hydrolyzed keratin/collagen/silk

Niacinamide Provides nutrition to hair elasticity and scalp for healthy care

2. Exfoliates, soothes and Nourishes Scalp

Relieves itchiness and soothes sensitive scalp with menthol, panthenol and 11 types of plant extract, hydrolyzed keratin/collagen/silk

Contains only the necessary ingredients to offer the necessary nutrition 

The formula is proven by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as a hair loss treatment
Free of harmful chemicals such as silicone and artificial colouring.

3. Clinically Proven and Safe

Lador's Hair Loss Kit is backed by rigorous clinical testing and proven safety. No additives of 4 harmful ingredients (silicone / sulfate / artificial color / artificial fragrance). Use of natural surfactant

Skin irritation test completed. Safe to use on the scalp 0.00% non-irritant judgment.
Test institution: P&K Skin Clinical Research Center Seoul

The formula is proven by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as a hair loss treatment
Free of harmful chemicals such as silicone and artificial colouring.

4. functional and Effective products 

Proof of hair density improvement effect confirmed through human application test, alleviation of hair loss symptoms with 3 functional ingredients

Hair loss symptoms 82.60% improvement

 Dermatical Hair Loss Shampoo uses vegetable oil + 11 plant extracts instead of silicon to reduce scalp irritation and gently care for hair

5. Created With ONLY The Good Stuff 

4 Non-additive natural surfactant - Chemical ingredients that stimulate hair and scalp are excluded as much as possible with no addition of sulfate, silicone, artificial color, or artificial fragrance

Soft and mild cleansing possible

3 types of functional ingredients alleviate hair loss symptoms, and customized hair loss shampoo effective for medium/dry scalp types

Product Benefits

CriteriaProduct Benefits and Details
Benefits - Hair loss relief
- Scalp soothing effect
- Hair nutrition supply
Needs- Hair loss after childbirth, due to diet, etc.
- Those who lose a lot of hair in a day
- Those with thin hair and no strength
- Those with a lot of dandruff on the scalp
OriginSouth Korea
SkinAll Skin Type

Product Features

Hair Loss ReliefIt is a hair loss relief ingredient that acts on the scalp where hair loss has progressed to relieve hair loss symptoms
Calming EffectRelieves itchiness and soothes sensitive scalp with plant extracts
Cooling EffectContains menthol to give a cooling sensation to the scalp when used

Frequently Asked Question

The Trio That Will Help Your Scalp

Dermatical Hair Loss Shampoo 530ml

Hair density, thickness increase, skin safety

Dermatical Scalp Tonic 120ml

Hair loss relief, scalp soothing effect, hair nutrition supply

Dermatical Scalp Brush

Scalp brush for scalp scaling and massage

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What Customers Say

Ellie S.

The salicylic acid clears out sebum build up around hair follicles that causes them to die, as well as flakes. Niacinamide reduces sebum production. Most of the remaining ingredients seem to reduce inflammatory response and itchiness, particularly in I'm warmer. There's zero irritation despite the alcohol and menthol, and zero product buildup on scalp even if I use it as often as recommended (unlike The Ordinary hair serum).


I was shedding a lot of hair and was scared to wash my hair often. I also have a very sensitive scalp so I can’t use drugstore shampoos as those make my scalp itch like mad, however this shampoo didn’t cause any irritation for me, and I also noticed that I don’t shed as much hair now when I shower or blowdry my hair. I’ve tried using the shampoo without any conditioner, and I was surprised that my hair didn’t feel too dry. 

Anna  D.

First up: the scent and tingly sensation due to the menthol is more intense than with other scalp tonics that I've tried. The scent mostly fades after a bit, though. This tonic does not make your hair feel heavy or greasy. I think it's great for days when you don't want to wash your hair as well, since it is very refreshing ✨ The ingredients are super helpful for hair loss, especially when you have an oily scalp. This is a repurchase, but I do use a different tonic for days that i don't want to use something so intense. Overall I definitely recommend it 🖤


Most western thickening shampoos don't work with my hair (Slight thinning male hair). This one volumises instantly and leaves the hair very moisturised. I think part of my thinning is using shampoos which strip and dehydrate my hair. Very good and will definitely buy again. Got the large bottle and only need to use a small amount.

Kristina L.

I have really bad scalp problems and this really helps to improve my scalp. I have bumps in my scalp and it really helps to reduce them and the product is really refreshing. highly recommended.


I love the tip feature. I have a lot of bumps on my scalp and a week into using it, it's almost gone without the burn or oily sensation on my scalp like other products I tried before. I wish the bottle of the tonic is bigger because of the price but is worth it.

Sylvia Chin

I gave this product a month before I decided to write a review for it. I used to lose almost around 70 - 100 hair strands while I'm in the shower even if I wash my hair once a day or once every two days. I usually wash my hair once a day due to the hot humid weather condition in my country. After using this product, I can see that the number of hair fall in the shower has reduced to 20 - 50 strands. I'm pairing this up with the Aromatica Rosemary Root Enhancer and I absolutely love using them both together.

Elena N.

I like all products from this brand, but this shampoo and tonic are number one on my list. It really helps with the hair loss, I noticed it from the first application.