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About Nastelle Professional
Nastelle Beauty - your guide to the best Korean products!

Nastelle was founded in 2010 with a strong focus on offering best beauty products and tools.

Nastelle operates primarly in Europe. Initially, the brand was recognized by its range of professional makeup tools and specialized approach to makeup schools, featuring global tendencies and expertise.

Every Nastelle makeup brush is designed for professional use and with the goal of assisting the Makeup Artists in their artistry achievements, Makeup Tutors in their educational process or Students in their endeavor. We use the finest materials in order to guarantee a professional performance of Nastelle products.

Also in 2010, we started to distrbute Korean brands. Now, we are a multi-brand online store of Korean cosmetics. Our team knows K-beauty inside out after 10 years of experience in working with Korean brands and visiting countless times manufacturers in Korea. We really hope to offer you an unmatching experience with Korean skincare and haircare products.
Every brand and product in our store is based on a philosophy of caring and loving yourself. For more than ten years we have been helping girls of all ages to emphasize their beauty and health of the skin, body and hair. Here you will find the most popular and effective K-beauty brands. All products are certified and original, so you can be sure of the authenticity and quality of the products you see on the site.

Every single product from our range is tested by one or more of our colleagues. We are trying to get feedback on the product use and efficacity from every single customer which is a great mean to better understand each brand or product line and offer the best advise in choosing the right skincare or haircare routine. 

The benefits of buing from Nastelle are:

  • best choice products;
  • samples, free products, and gifts;
  • Nastelle Rewards program;
  • thorough skincare advise.

 Welcome to K-beauty world!

Yours sincerely,
Nastelle Team