Mascara fan brush Nastelle 241
Mascara lash fan brush Nastelle 241
Mascara fan brush Nastelle 241
Lash fan brush Nastelle 241
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Mascara fan brush Nastelle 241


Fanned-out feathery lashes are an easy task for the Nastelle 241 fan-shaped brush that is specially designed for root-to-tip controlled mascara application. Its firm synthetic bristles and  flat shape lets you apply a superfine dose of color onto each hair for a smooth, fluttery effect. This fan brush is one of the best makeup tools for getting full, feathery lashes in and easier and mess-proof manner. Definitely use it on clients who are after a natural-looking lash. Use it for perfect eyelashes definition, especially on bottom lashes.

Tips: Nastelle 241 fan brush helps you to apply tube mascara, old-school cake mascara or pigments.

Start by sweeping the wand of a mascara of choice against the tip of your 241 fan brush in a crisscross motion until it picks up the right amount of color.

Place the edge of the fan brush at the base of your upper lashes, and begin gently sweeping it from root to tip. You can concentrate more color at the lashlines to create subtle definition.

Work in small strokes, applying less pressure as you move the brush toward the ends of the lashes. This will create a soft tapered appearance at the tips.

With this brush as with all the others you’re not limited to one use. The Nastelle 241 mascara fan brush is great to cover eyelash glue when wearing faux lashes or to comb clumps off wet lashes after a heavy application of mascara. Use it to clean up shadow fallout and apply glitter on the lashes.

Hair type: racoon.