The new bold Vamp Red collection features 7 new Nastelle makeup brushes made of extra soft natural squirrel hair. 

They offer the best soft-focus and flawless finish effect on the skin, spreading evenly the powder products and the eye shadows. The comfortable handles ensure a firm grip while the natural fibers and small shaped brushes offer great precision in product application.

Nastelle Vamp Red collection brushes (7)

Highlighter and eyeshadow brush, squirrel hair 133


Eyeshadow brush, squirrel hair 234


Eyeshadow brush, squirrel 334


Extra Soft Highlighter Brush, squirrel 905


Blending eyeshadow brush, squirrel hair 354


Blending eyeshadow brush, squirrel hair 454


Small Eyeshadow brush, squirrel hair 135