Nastelle Makeup Brush Set 8pcs, SN08
Nastelle Makeup Brush Set 8pcs, SN08
  • SKU: SN08

Makeup Brush Set 8pcs, SN08


This makeup brushes set is the basic minimum for every girl that wants a starter pack of professional brushes and doesn't have time to chose them one by one. It has three face brushes for your foundation and powder, three eyeshadow brushes for perfect precise application and blending technique, an angled brush you to define your eyebrows, to work that shadow in the lashes line or to easily apply gel eyeliner. Finally the lip and concealer brush. The brushes are coming with a pouch so it can be a great addition to your travel size makeup kit. It also makes a very good gift to your bestie or a close family member. 

Brushes included in the set: 

  1. 102 - Powder brush
  2. 104 - Powder and blush brush
  3. 403 - Powder and Blush Brush 403
  4. 370 - Concealer Brush
  5. 410 - Eyeshadow Blending and Concealer Brush
  6. 412 - Concealer and Eyeshadow Flat Brush
  7. 220 - Lip and concealer brush
  8. 337 - Eyebrow and eyelash brush
  9. BP08 - Pouch for 8 brushes comes free with this brush set