3 Pro Tips for buying the best makeup brushes

What does it really matter when you choose a makeup brush? Which are the secrets that make the difference?

An absolutely indispensable instrument in a makeup artist’s work is the brush. The canvas – the client’s face – is right in front of you, so what will you use to get the perfect result? Buying brushes requires an accurate and calculated approach. 


Be aware, there are a lot of fakes on the Internet.

So, see below 3 tips for buying THE BEST makeup brushes!

1. BRISTLES - Pay attention to the hair, natural or synthetic.

If it’s natural, it should be flexible, trimmed at the end and have a mild natural shine. Squirrel hair will be very soft and flexible, goat hair will be flexible, but a bit drier and thick, and sable will be fairly flexible, with straight hairs, a natural color.

Nastelle Natural Powder Brush 102

If it’s a synthetic fiber, it will have to be thin, strongly held together, have a fairly shiny look. A synthetic bristle that shines like plastic fiber will be of low quality.

Nastelle Foundation Brush 146

2. COMFORT. Try a brush out, when possible, so you make sure its bristles respond to your movement and the handle is very comfortable in your hand. If you find a perfect brush, it will also become your favorite.

3. CONSTRUCTION. Make sure you get the best quality of execution, in a brush. The bristles have to be very well held together, the metal needs to be very clean and neat, and the handle must respond to the anatomy of your hand.

What do you pay attention to when buying a brush? Tell us in the comments.

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