Do Your Makeup like a Pro with this 8 pcs Brush Set

Doing your makeup may seem very difficult and challenging sometimes. All those different shapes, colors, and hair that makeup brushes have can be scary at the beginning. 

But don't worry. Just in 5 minutes, you will find out which brushes you need for your daily makeup. We'll explain what you can do with each brush and how to do it.

Let's get started.  


Start by applying your foundation with your 371 brush. Smooth your liquid or creamy foundation in a circular motion for a perfect finish. 


Continue with applying your powder with the 102 brush. This will help you have a long-lasting makeup. 



Add a touch of colour and life to your face by using a blush or a bronzer. You will be able to better control the result by taking small amounts of product and gently applying them with the 104 brush. 


Next is your eye makeup. Begin by applying light colours with the 134 brush.

The 115 brush will perfectly apply dark colours. The sable hair will help you get intense and bright colours in seconds. 

Now you have to blend the colours to avoid sharp lines and to create a beautiful transition. Take the 556 brush and gently blend the colours, add some more if needed, until you are happy with the result. 


Eyelashes and eyebrows. Use one part of the 337 brush to gently comb them and get them ready for any mascara, tints, gels or pencils you may use. The other part of the brush is for your eyeliner. 
TIP: if you want to add more density to your eyebrows draw thin hairlines until you get the desired brow shape.


And the last part is about the lips. If you aim for juicy lips, take the lipstick or lipgloss you chose and apply it gently. The 122 brush will accurately fill the bumps and cracks on your lips and help you create a precise makeup.
TIP: if you need to cover some small imperfections on your face, like spots or blemishes, this brush will do it. 

And your makeup is done.  Which brushes do you love? How do you do your daily makeup? Tell us in the comments. 

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