Are you ready for beautiful eyebrows? The new Nastelle Brow Liner pencils are here!

by Helen Sern on August 16, 2018
Are you ready for beautiful eyebrows? Because our new amazing brow liner pencils are totally ready for you. Three shades of eyebrow pencil Nastelle that will make you fall in love with them. And for good reasons too! They have this beautiful new smooth powdery texture, that allows you to create very thin and precise lines or blend the natural color of the pencils to melt it into the skin.
Nastelle Brow Liner pencil

It is a well-known fact how important it is to define the eyebrows for your makeup look: they give character and expressiveness to the face, highlight your best features and give that special attitude to your look that can both charm and dominate. If you are not satisfied with the natural definition of your eyebrows, this new Nastelle product will become a trusted friend for you.

Why you’ll love it?
Nastelle Brow Liner pencils are a perfect trio with natural shades and powdery texture that has a perfect blendability and can be applied perfectly on the skin, while being very long-lasting! Count on it for up to 12 hours of ideal wear. You can be sure of an impeccable make-up all day!
They have a new amazing, velvety and powdery formula developed by Nastelle based on the demands and expectations of professional makeup artists.

Nastelle eyebrow pencils come in three shades: Blonde, Chocolate and Brunette. Each one of them go extremely well individually, but together it is a match made in heaven! Play and mix the different shades to achieve the exact color you want!

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What combo are you?
Each of us has a unique face type and you don’t have to fall into one category of blond or brunette, but rather be free to experiment with the colors and shades! You can combine two of the pencils, playing with the look you create. Lighter eyebrows for daytime or business makeup and an evening look with a more intense definition for a night out. With Nastelle eyebrow pencils, it's all about Mix and Match and, of course, about your pleasure!

Your brows are asking for it. Are you willing to accept the challenge?
Do not hesitate! It's so easy with the Nastelle Brow Liner to have your eyebrows ideally and naturally defined. Order individual pencils or choose the set of 3 pencils and get a 10% discount!

Nastelle Brow Liner Pencils


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